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Industry reports

Whether you’re a broadcaster, producer, distributor or advertiser, our industry reports ensure you have valuable information and insights when you need them.

Regular reports

Our suite of reports offer regular updates on key genres and territories across the world.

Monthly publications

  • K7 World Drama Report
  • K7 World Entertainment and Reality Report
  • K7 Little Report (Kids)
  • K7 LatAm Report
  • K7 CEE Report
  • K7 Asia Report
  • K7 VOD Watch
  • K7 Creators Spotlight
  • K7 Sports Spotlight

Weekly publications

  • K7 European Report
  • K7 North American Report (Scripted)
  • K7 North American Report (Unscripted)
  • K7 UK Report (Scripted)
  • K7 UK Report (Unscripted)
  • K7 Australasia Report (Unscripted)

Daily publications

  • K7’s Digital Daily Seven

Genre insight reports

K7’s Insight Reports provide an in-depth analysis of major genre trends, offering a comprehensive overview on the latest programming in each. You’ll also get access to our suite of Brand Insight Reports – keeping you updated on how branded media is being used in different industries.

Current list

  • K7 Brand Funded Programming Report – January 2021
  • K7 Co-Development and Co-Production Report – September 2020
  • K7 Game Shows Report – May 2020
  • K7 True Crime Report – March 2020
  • K7 Social Experiments Report – March 2020
  • K7 K Formats Report – January 2020
  • K7 Metrics Minefield: Audience Data, Who Can You Trust? – September 2018
  • K7 Youth Programming Report – July 2018
  • K7 Dating Trends Report – February 2018
  • K7 Homes and Gardens Report – Winter 2017
  • K7 Reality Report – Autumn 2017
  • K7 Entertainment Report – Autumn 2017
  • K7 Food Trends Report – Autumn 2017
  • K7 Youth Report – July 2017
  • K7 Crime Insight Report – June 2017
  • K7 Brand Insight Report: Travel and Tourism – June 2017
  • K7 Brand Insight Report: Food and Drink – March 2017
  • K7 Digital Landscape Report – January 2017
  • K7 Brand Insight Report: Motoring – October 2016
  • K7 Factual / Documentaries Report – May 2016
  • K7 European Drama Trends – September 2015

In-depth territory reports

K7’s Territory Focus Reports give you a deep-dive overview of some of the world’s biggest TV territories. This constantly expanding suite of reports provides essential information if you’re looking to explore new markets.

  • K7 Territory Focus: Australia
  • K7 Territory Focus: Belgium
  • K7 Territory Focus: Cambodia
  • K7 Territory Focus: China
  • K7 Territory Focus: Denmark
  • K7 Territory Focus: Finland
  • K7 Territory Focus: France
  • K7 Territory Focus: Germany
  • K7 Territory Focus: Hungary
  • K7 Territory Focus: India
  • K7 Territory Focus: Italy
  • K7 Territory Focus: Latin America
  • K7 Territory Focus: Malaysia
  • K7 Territory Focus: Myanmar
  • K7 Territory Focus: Netherlands
  • K7 Territory Focus: New Zealand
  • K7 Territory Focus: Norway
  • K7 Territory Focus: Philippines
  • K7 Territory Focus: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • K7 Territory Focus: South Korea
  • K7 Territory Focus: Spain
  • K7 Territory Focus: Sweden
  • K7 Territory Focus: Taiwan
  • K7 Territory Focus: Thailand
  • K7 Territory Focus: Turkey
  • K7 Territory Focus: UK
  • K7 Territory Focus: Vietnam

Tracking the Giants: The Top Travelling Formats

K7’s annual report on the 100 biggest selling unscripted global TV formats, available exclusively to K7 clients. Request a copy.