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Why YouTube Needs a Schedule

In 2006, the now ex-Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson shared his vision of a world of where TV was available “anytime, anyplace, anywhere”. That vision is now a reality with the hugely successful BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Apple TV and now YouView.

We can watch pretty much anything we want to, at a time that suits us, but a new dilemma is emerging from this wealth of choice. We simply don’t always know what we want to watch.

Channels and schedules help us find the content we want, but they also give us an appointment to view. I’m in the privileged position of having a boxed set of Borgen series 2 sitting by the TV. It’s a preview copy and the series is not scheduled to be screened on BBC4 until later this year. I adored the first series so why am I hanging on for the right moment to dive in? Maybe I’m waiting to watch it when everyone else can so I can join in the conversations around the water coolers (real and virtual)?

On the other hand, this week I watched a Bon Iver concert from Radio City New York on YouTube. Why that particular concert? Well firstly I like the band but secondly it was only available during a 48 hour window so when it was gone, it was gone. I probably wouldn’t have watched it without the deadline.

It’s nearly a year since YouTube invested $100 million in content for over 100 ‘original channels’. Of these, 20 are now gaining a million views a week. With a vast array of choice how are we going to find what we want to watch and what will make us decide when to sit down and watch? YouTube has the content and now the channels. Maybe it’s time they had a schedule?

Keri Lewis Brown

Keri founded K7 Media in 1998 as an independent organisation providing media intelligence to broadcasters, producers, distributors and advertisers. Keri has driven the company’s growth from breakaway startup to a leading media consultancy providing insights to an 80-strong client base across the world.

Before founding K7 Media, Keri was Head of International Sales for production company, Action Time, where she led the rapid expansion of international format sales, making her one of the first to explore the potential of global programming. Keri is based at K7 Media’s headquarters in Manchester and since March 2015 has served on the board of FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association), which aims to protect the intellectual property of television formats across the globe.

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