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K7 Media launches College Edition

Believe it or not, the idea to launch a service exclusively for educational establishments was born when we were approached by our dear friend and long-time industry colleague from Lillehammer.  Are you thinking, why does the name of Lillehammer ring a bell?  Back in 1994, around the same time as the TV format business started its climb up the telly programming Olympus, this Norwegian town hosted the Winter Olympics. Almost twenty years later, the same melodious name was ringing around again, when the Norwegian-American series Lilyhammer, set in the town of Lillehammer, was watched in more than 130 countries around the world, promoted as ‘the first time Netflix offered exclusive content’. Perhaps not so many know that Lillehammer also hosts ‘The Norwegian TV School’, recognised as Norway’s leading educational institution for those looking to build a career in television.

We could go on like this, revealing many more interesting bits of information about this picturesque Norwegian town. However, the whole point is this – if someone needs to spend much of their precious time with different sources, looking up and checking different facts, like those provided above, professional databases and expert insight can assist tremendously. When it comes to resourcing and analysing information that covers several decades of television and online productions, as well as other industry developments – this is where K7’s offering comes in as unique and invaluable.

We are incredibly proud and excited to become the first in the TV industry to develop a dedicated new online service for students and academic staff, in response to a growing demand from universities, TV and Film Schools, and other educational institutions across the globe.

Here at K7, we do our jobs because we all love TV and online shows and we have a real passion for this industry.

Developed by K7 Media’s non-Executive Director Clare Thompson, previously Head of Entertainment Development at ITV (UK) and an experienced lecturer at the University of Westminster, College Edition is going to provide access to leading industry reports, expert opinion and analysis, covering the global TV industry from linear broadcasting to streaming services. The users will also have access to K7’s digital video archive.

Here at K7, we do our jobs because we all love TV and online shows and we have a real passion for this industry. We think that the passion for what we do is infectious and something that really sets apart everyone committed to this industry. Therefore, as K7 Media CEO & Founder, Keri Lewis Brown, emphasized: “Launching our College Edition, we are particularly excited to provide a true taste of the TV industry for those at the very start of their careers.”